Investors Area

For over a decade now F2i Sgr has been a benchmark for medium/long-term investment, with the focus on Italy’s main infrastructure and in particular on key sectors of the national economy such as energy for transition, distribution networks, transport and logistics, telecommunications networks and services, and social and healthcare infrastructure.

F2i’s relations with investors and shareholders is based on transparency and commitment. Investors and shareholders include key institutions, asset managers, banking foundations, pension funds, with a long-term vision and a focus on the overall well-being of the economy and society.

Investors in F2i’s Funds come from different parts of the globe, with around one half from Italy and the other half from abroad.

Each day our team deals with relations with investors in an effort to constantly meet their personal requirements and needs. In addition to this direct channel, the present section of the website enables the Investor Relations Team to provide investors with the opportunity to access investments’ documents in a safe and exhaustive manner, through a personalised profile in the investors’ area.