San Marco Bioenergie


San Marco Bioenergie is a company active in the recovery of Energy from the wood biomass generated by operations of forestry maintenance, the clearing of riverbeds and the use of farming waste and urban greenery.

The company owns a thermal power plant quelle with solid biomass in the town of Bando d’Argenta (Province of Ferrara, Italy), a facility whose installed power capacity of 21 MW makes it one of the largest plants in operation in northern and central Italy.

Energy production from wood biomass, the area of specialisation of San Marco Bioenergie, features a large number of plants operating in Italy, providing opportunies for growth through acquisitions designed to achieve economies of scale in terms of production and procurement, along with the chance to generate noteworthy enviromental benefits in the form of, among other things, the management of forest areas and riverbeds, whose neglect in Italy often results in serious natural calamities