Matteo Ambroggio



At F2i since 2007, he is a Partner in the Investment Area. In F2i he worked on the acquisition of the First Fund in the gas distribution sector (2i Rete Gas I and II, E.On Rete, G6 Rete Gas), on the acquisition and sale of F2i II of the TRM waste-to-energy plant and on investments in the renewable energy company E2i Energie Speciali. He also worked on the acquisition of Infracom, MC-Link and KPNQwest Italia, which later merged to form IRIDEOS, an ICT provider for businesses and government agencies. In the healthcare sector, he worked on the acquisition of KOS and of the retail pharmacy group Farmacrimi.

He started his career in the investment banking sector at Mediobanca, where he handled the first tranche of Enel’s privatization. In 2000 he joined Morgan Stanley’s investment banking division in London, where he was involved in several mergers and acquisitions.

Afterwards, he served as vice president of the corporate finance department at UBM (UniCredit Group) where he mainly covered the utilities sector.

He was in charge of monitoring and managing the CDP equity investments from 2005 to 2007. While in that post, he also served as CDP’s representative on the Investment Committee of the Galaxy Infrastructure Fund and was responsible for the execution of CDP’s investment in Italy’s first public-private partnership fund (‘Fondo PPP Italia’).

He serves on the Board of Directors of 2i Rete Gas, E2i, Irideos, KOS and Farmacrimi.

He holds a degree in Business Administration from EAP and the University of Turin.