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F2i Sgr announces the publication of its Consolidated Sustainability Report for 2020



F2i Sgr announces the publication of its Consolidated Sustainability Report for 2020

ESG objectives have been integrated in the four-year strategic plan of the main Italian infrastructure fund manager, who recently received an “A” rating from PRI.

Successful launch of the Fund for Sustainable Infrastructure.



Milan, 8 September 2021 – F2i Sgr, the primary Italian infrastructure fund manager, has published the Consolidated Sustainability Report for 2020, in line with the company’s 2020-2024 Strategic Plan. The publication confirms F2i SGR's commitment to sustainable investing, codified through the company’s ESG policy which calls for the publication of an annual Consolidated Sustainability Report and targets an "A" rating in the Principles of Responsible Investments.


The report, which expands upon the first edition published in 2019, highlights the actions of F2i Sgr aimed at encouraging virtuous environmental, social and governance practices.


In 2020, the companies owned by F2i Sgr’s managed Funds contributed to Italy’s economic growth with a Distributed Economic Value[1] to various stakeholders of 4.3bn euros. In a year characterized by the global pandemic, this result was possible because of measures to protect the health and safety of workers and their workplace: the total number of portfolio company employees remained in line with the previous year at 21,083 as of December 2020. The number of female employees, which comprise approximately 56% of the total number of employees, increased by 1.6% compared to 2019.


Regarding the environment, F2i’s role as a leader of the energy transition has resulted in an important contribution to the decarbonization of the country. F2i subsidiaries active in the generation of renewable energy such as EF Solare Italia, E2i Energie Speciali, San Marco Bioenergie and the 7 SPVs in the wind sector produced over 3.6bn kilowatt hours of renewable energy (from solar, wind and biomass sources) in 2020, equivalent to an emissions reduction of 1.3m tons of CO2.


F2i continues to broaden its commitment to sustainable investing, a fundamental element for F2i and its investors, through the successful launch of the Fund for Sustainable Infrastructure. The Fund will invest in sustainable strategies that create employment as well as value on environmental, social and governance dimensions. The new Fund made its first closing in May 2021 for around 900m euros (with a 1.5bn euro target size). Already in August, F2i announced two significant acquisitions for the Fund within the circular economy and energy for transition sectors, respectively.


Obtaining an "A" rating through the United Nation’s Principles of Responsible Investments (PRI) is further confirmation of F2i's growing commitment to guide the country's industrial and infrastructural development in compliance with the founding values of ESG policy.


F2i is aware of its role as a primary player in the Italian economy, with over 6bn euros raised from Italian and foreign investors for allocation in real economy projects that provide a strong territorial impact, as well as its duty to promote ESG principles, which are reflected both in the investment strategies and in the guidelines and parameters that the portfolio companies must apply in daily operations. The goal of F2i’s management will continue to be to create leading, efficient companies capable of providing superior quality services with the awareness that these objectives will be strengthened by clear actions to improve ESG performance.


[1] Defined according to GRI 201-1