F2i’s investment policy aims to create a diversified portfolio of holdings in companies active in all infrastructure sectors, mainly in Italy. F2i seeks to acquire qualified majority or minority interests, enabling us to play a significant role in the companies’ governance in the pursuit of value creation, aggregating existing operators to reach a scale appropriate to the type of business carried out.

The ultimate aim is to create lasting value and ensure stable and solid returns for investors.


Investment Sectors

Airports, ports, highways and railways. With its infrastructure F2i’s subsidiaries unite Italy and connect it with the world. 
The investment in the airport sector started in 2010. today the F2i Funds boast the main Italian airport network in their portfolio: Milan Linate and Malpensa (SEA), Naples (GESAC), Turin (SAGAT), Alghero (SOGEAAL), Olbia (GEASAR), Trieste (AFVG) and Bologna (AdB), in which up to 65 million passengers passed through in in one year, over 30% of national traffic. In 2019 F2i entered the port sector and, through acquisitions and aggregations, created F2i Holding Portuale, the first Italian operator in the terminal handling of bulk goods. From the docks of Carrara, Marghera, Chioggia, Livorno and Monfalcone, over 9 million tons of goods are handled every year, raw materials destined for Italian industry or national products exported to foreign markets. 
To integrate this logistics platform in 2020, the freight railway operator Compagnia Ferroviaria Italiana joined the F2i portfolio, which reliably connects the main production areas of the country with over 200 trains a week. 
In the motorway sector, the Fund participates through Infracis in the motorways of the North East.

Since 2008, F2i has been among the first funds in Italy to believe in and invest in energy from renewable and in energy transition. Today the subsidiary EF Solare Italia, which owns over 300 plants and an installed capacity of over 1 GW between Italy and Spain, is the first photovoltaic operator in Italy and among the first in Europe. It positions itself as a technology leader to drive the growth of the solar sector through operational excellence, innovation and the development of new plants.
Sorgenia, which entered the portfolio in 2020, is one of the main operators in the energy sector in Italy and it has an installed capacity of 300 MW of wind farms and 68 MW of woody biomass plants, as well as an installed capacity of 3,200 MW of high-speed combined cycle gas plants with high efficiency and low emissions. These plants play a primary role in the energy transition to support generation from renewable sources, thanks to the possibility of modulating production according to the needs of the national electricity grid.
In 2021, with the investment in the gas storage sector through Ital Gas Storage, the F2i platform was enriched with an additional strategic infrastructure for the national energy transition. The plant has a capacity of 1.6 billion cubic meters and is among the most technologically advanced on an international level. Thanks to its high performance it brings benefits to the national energy system in terms of safety, adequacy and flexibility.

F2i has entered the gas distribution sector since 2009, contributing, through an articulated growth process by external lines, to the creation of the second national gas distribution operator, 2i Rete Gas, which with more than 2,200 concessions and about 69 thousand Km of network serves 4.5 million users throughout the national territory.
The Fund also participates in the management of the integrated water service with the Iren Acqua network of aqueducts, sewers and purifiers, which serves approximately 774,000 inhabitants.

The Fund's entry into telecommunications dates back to 2011 with the investment in Metroweb and the subsequent commitment to the development of its fiber optic infrastructure. After the sale of the company in 2016, F2i has maintained and renewed its commitment in the telecommunications sector by creating Irideos, a national operator specialized in broadband infrastructure services, equipped with a national fiber optic network of over 30,000 km. center in Milan, Rome, Trento and Verona and the largest Italian Internet hub. 
Since 2018 F2i has been the controlling shareholder of Ei Towers, the first independent operator in Italy in the management of radio and TV infrastructures with 2,300 broadcasting towers, and of TowerTel, active in the towers for the mobile telephone service with 1,600 towers.

In 2016 F2i invested in KOS, a leading healthcare group in Italy that operates in the sector of nursing homes for the elderly, rehabilitation and advanced technology applied to medicine, with over 13,000 beds in 140 facilities (8,900 beds in 90 facilities in Italy and 4,100 beds in about 50 structures in Germany).
F2i's commitment in the health and social care facilities sector expanded with the creation of the Farmacie Italiane group in 2018. Thanks to continuous acquisitions, one of the main networks of pharmacies and parapharmacies in Italy was created, currently with over 50 points of sale, to be closer to the needs of citizens.