Governance of our AMC

F2i has adopted the highest governance standards in the asset management industry and adheres to strict principles of independence, integrity and transparency.

F2i’s shareholding structure and governance ensure for our company continuity, stability, independence and alignment of management’s and investors’ interests.

F2i SGR S.p.A. has been registered with the Bank of Italy as an AMC since July 2007 under number 247. Since 29 April 2015, under authorisation from the Bank of Italy pursuant to the AIFM Directive, it has been registered under no. 101 of the AMC Register, AIF Managers Section.

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors of F2i SGR is composed of Massimiliano Cesare (Chairman), Renato Ravanelli (CEO), Franco Dalla Sega, Gianluca Ghersini, Diego Buono, Giancarlo Giorgi, Nunzio Luciano, Alberto Oliveti, Andrea Flumiani, Antonio Cabras, Giandomenico Genta, Roberto Pinza and Cesare Dosi.   

Board of Statutory Auditors
The Board of Statutory Auditors of F2i SGR is made up of: Giovanni Frattini (Chairman), Enzo Maria Simonelli (standing auditor), Nicola Tufo (standing auditor), Massimo Trotter (alternate auditor) and Damiano Zazzeron (alternate auditor).

The share capital of F2i SGR is held by 19 shareholders, which include the main Italian banking foundations, leading credit institutions, social security funds, pension funds, asset managers and sovereign wealth funds.

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Investment Committee
The tasks of the Investment Committee are to examine and assess the investment proposals put forward by the management of F2i SGR and to issue an opinion on each proposal before it is submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.

Control functions
F2i SGR has the following corporate control functions, reporting to the Board of Directors:

  • Risk management: this function is headed by Massimo Niccolai, Partner.
  • Compliance and anti-money laundering: this function is headed by external consultant Graziella Cappellini.
  • Internal audit: this function is headed by Giuseppina Falappa, Partner.
  • With regard to corporate administrative liability controls, pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 231/01, the Board of Directors appointed, most recently by resolution of 28 February 2019, the body supervising the functioning of and compliance with the organisation and management model pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001. The supervisory body is composed of Stefania Chiaruttini (Chairman), Giuseppina Falappa, Partner, and Rita Ciccone, Senior Partner.
  • Any reports to the supervisory body should be sent to the following e-mail address:
  • The Board of Directors also appointed Mr Ivan Rotunno as Data Protection Officer, by resolution of 28 February 2019.