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F2i signs up to the United Nations-supported PRI

F2i—Italy's largest infrastructure fund, headed by Renato Ravanelli—has signed up to the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), showing its commitment to incorporating ESG (Environmental Social Governance) principles at all levels of its investment and governance strategy.

“By signing up to the Principles for Responsible Investment, F2i is positioning itself as a socially responsible fund”, said Renato Ravanelli, F2i CEO. “Incorporating environmental, social and governance factors into investment processes is key to delivering sustainable long-term performance, lowering the risk profile, and operating with integrity and transparency”

The PRI, six voluntary principles listing the actions necessary to promote the incorporation of ESG issues into investment processes and policies, require a formal commitment on the part of F2i not only in implementing them, but also in communicating the progress made on implementing the Principles to stakeholders. In this sense, F2i already implements the most important principles, such as integrity, equal opportunity, empowering human resources, excluding unethical investments, and supporting non-profit initiatives. In addition, F2i is specifically focused on renewable energy, investing directly and indirectly into operations associated with the generation of solar, wind, and biomass energy to promote the industry's growth as well as positive environmental impacts.

Signing up to the PRI represents an important step in the implementation of the ESG Action Plan adopted by F2i simultaneously with an articulated Policy.