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IRIDEOS continues to consolidate the cloud and datacenter market in Italy: acquisition of Enter srl

Milan, June 6th, 2018 - IRIDEOS, the new Italian ICT provider for Businesses and Public Administration, has acquired Enter srl, an Italian provider operating since 1996 in the telecommunication and datacenter market.

Enter brings two additional datacenters located in the technological hub of via Caldera, in Milan, further strengthening the position of IRIDEOS at the heart of the Italian Internet; an innovative cloud platform based on Openstack, an open source protocol; an international network with presence in the main PoPs in Madrid, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Stockholm, New York and Hong Kong.

"With this new acquisition", says Mauro Maia, CEO of IRIDEOS, "our growth path continues, focused on strengthening our assets and skills in the Italian ICT space. A wider portfolio of services is now available for our Customers, with new Cloud solutions and international connectivity. "

IRIDEOS aggregates and consolidates the assets and skills of four Italian operators focused on business customers: Infracom, KPNQwest Italia, MC-link and BiG TLC, and now Enter.

The IRIDEOS technological platform now integrates 12 data centers, in Milan, Rome, Trento and Verona, all connected with proprietary optical fiber. In IRIDEOS data centers, companies can host their IT architectures and take advantage of advanced cloud platforms, enjoying direct and privileged access to the Italian data network, thanks to the largest Italian private Internet Exchange (Avalon) and a fiber network of over 15,000km along the main motorways.

The closing of the operation is subject to the satisfaction of certain conditions precedent, including the approval by the Presidency of the Italian Council of Ministers.

The selling parts were assisted by PwC Corporate Finance as financial advisor and by PwC TLS as legal advisor.

IRIDEOS was assisted by the financial advisor Cassiopea Partners, by the legal advisor Giliberti, Triscornia & Associati and by KPMG for accounting and financial purpouses.