The Metroweb Italia Group was established in 2011 with acquisition by the F2i First Fund of a controlling interest in Metroweb SpA (of which it holds 87.7% today).
Metroweb owns and operates, in the Milan metropolitan area, the largest fibre-optic network in Europe, with more than 3,200 km of civil infrastructure and 7,200 km of cable.

Equipped with a management team that has skills unique in its sector, Metroweb operates as an independent dark fibre provider, leasing its own fibre-optic infrastructure to Italian TLC operators, who use it to offer ultra-broadband and fixed and mobile telephone services to business and residential customers.
In June 1012 Metroweb Italia formed Metrobit Srl (100% subsidiary) with the objective of completing the fibre-optic network in the city of Milan by creating vertical segments, from the base of buildings to the individual housing units.

This was finalised in October 2012 with acquisition of Metroweb Genova SpA (formerly Saster Net SpA), a company that owns and manages a fibre-optic network in the city of Genoa, with more than 230 km of civil infrastructure and 365 km of cable.
The next few years are expected to bring a growing demand for high-capacity broadband and services that will require the development of a nationwide fibre-optic network.

With this in mind, in late December 2012, FSI (Fondo Strategico Italiano, controlled by CDP) made its entry into the capital of Metroweb Italia, in which it today holds a 46.2% stake (F2i continues to maintain control with 53.8% of the capital).
Metroweb Italia is thus playing a leading role in promoting this development, with the objective of replicating Milan’s winning model in other Italian cities.