Aeroporto di Napoli

Gesac SpA - Società di Gestione Servizi Aeroporti Campani - is the holding company for the forty years of total management of Naples Capodichino International Airport, until 2043.

With a traffic of 33.7 million passengers in 2018, Naples Airport is the third regional Italian airport (excluding Roman, Milan and Venetian airport systems from the regional category).

Gesac was one of the first Italian airport management companies to have signed the Program Agreement with ENAC in November 2009 and, in 2015, the new tariff framework with the Transport Regulatory Authority.
The company has made a significant investment plan for infrastructure development and upgrading and continues to invest in maintaining it at the forefront of security, efficiency, comfort and quality of service.

On October 24th, 2019 the act of merger by incorporation of Salerno Airport SpA in GE.S.A.C. SpA was signed, giving birth to an integrated and complementary Campania airport system.