aeroporto sogeal

So.Ge.A.Al SpA - Alghero Airport Management Company - is the company holding the total management concession of the Riviera del Corallo Alghero Fertilia airport until 2047.

With a traffic of approx. 1.3 million passengers in 2018, Alghero Fertilia Airport is the third airport in Sardinia, a region characterized by a strong tourist attraction that provides great potential for the development of airport business.

The airport is equipped with a 3000 meter long runway, which can be used in both directions, a main taxiway parallel to the flight path and six connctions to access the landing pad, where there are 17 stands.

The passenger terminal is made up of two adjacent buildings. An important investment plan is underway including, moreover, the extension of the terminal and the optimization of its spaces (commercial and operational) as well as the reconfiguration of road and parking areas.