Sorgenia, with an installed power currently equal to 3,548 MW, is one of the main operators in the energy sector in Italy.
The plant portfolio consists of 3,180 MW of gas-fired combined cycle plants (CCGT) and 368 MW of renewable energy plants (300 MW wind farms and 68 MW biomass plants).

The CCGT plants (Termoli 780 MW, Modugno 810 MW, Lodi 800 MW and Aprilia 790 MW) are characterized by high efficiency and low emissions, play a primary role in the energy transition to support generation from renewable sources, thanks to the possibility to modulate production according to the needs of the national electricity grid.

The wind farms are located in Sicily (220 MW) and Calabria (80 MW) and the biomass plants in Bando d’Argenta (20 MW), Finale Emilia (12.5 MW) and Mercure (35 MW).

Sorgenia is also active in the sale of electricity, gas and telecommunications services for approx. 440,000 end customers, mainly through digital channels, and holds a 50% stake in Tirreno Power, which in turn owns gas-fired combined cycle plants (CCGT) with a total installed capacity of 2,370 MW and hydroelectric plants with an installed capacity overall of 75 MW.