Rosaria Calabrese

Partner, head of ESG sustainability b.u.


In F2i since 2016, she is Partner Head of ESG Sustainability since 2022, after 5 years as Partner Head of Portfolio Management and Control.

She has about 20 years’ experience in infrastructure sectors, particularly in renewable energy, waste treatment and gas and water distribution.

She is a Director of 2i Rete Gas, CFI, Farmacie Italiane, Gesac, KOS and Ital Gas Storage.

Before joining F2i, she was head of investment and tender assessment at A2A, performing economic and financial analyses to support strategic decisions for the multiutility’s development. In A2A she also held the role of Project Manager for integration and efficiency initiatives in the environmental supply chain.

She began her professional career in 2001 at Ecodeco, a company subsequently acquired by A2A, where she was engaged in management control activities, but also in the development of new initiatives and the coordination of research projects in the field of waste treatment with the energy and material recovery. 

She graduated with honors in Economics and Business from the University of Bari. She then completed a postgraduate course in Administration and Management Control at Bocconi University in Milan and in Environmental Sciences and Policies at the United Nations University in Tokyo.