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F2i and EI Towers acquire Persidera

Milan, 5 June 2019 - F2i, Italy’s largest infrastructure fund, with equity of about Euro 5 billion, and EI Towers S.P.A., signed today the agreement to acquire Persidera - an Italian leader in the transmission networks of the digital terrestrial television signal - from TIM and GEDI.

The transaction structure involves a demerger of Persidera into two companies: the first will have title to the licensed frequencies and will be directly acquired by F2i; the second will include infrastructure and equipment and will merge into Ei Towers.

Renato Ravanelli, F2i CEO, commented: “With this transaction, F2i is continuing the process started with the acquisition of EI Towers, aimed at the creation of an independent and neutral infrastructure operator, open to collaborate with national and international broadcasters. Moreover, the transaction also lays the foundations for the consolidation of the sector, in order to foster its rationalisation according to European standards and a rapid and efficient transition to new DTT technologies (DVBT 2)”.