Press Releases

F2i invests in the circular economy sector, on behalf of Fondo per le Infrastrutture Sostenibili, with the acquisition of ReLife

F2i Sgr, Italy’s leading infrastructure fund manager, reached an agreement to acquire a majority stake in ReLife, the largest private player operating in the reuse and energy generation from paper and plastic packaging materials.
Fondo per le Infrastrutture Sostenibili will acquire 70% of ReLife from the current shareholders (the Benfante family, the Ghigliotti family and the private equity fund Xenon), who, by ensuring that the current management team is unchanged, have decided to share a further period of the group’s growth with F2i by maintaining a minority stake in the company.

FHP acquires CPM, the terminal operator of the port of Monfalcone, consolidating its leadership in the bulk cargo port sector

F2i Sgr, Italy’s leading infrastructure fund manager, has signed an agreement for the acquisition of Compagnia Portuale Monfalcone (CPM), operating in the port of Monfalcone. This logistics platform adds to the port operations already managed in Carrara, Livorno, Mestre and Chioggia, as well as Monfalcone itself.
The acquisition, whose analysis also included thorough verification of compliance with ESG parameters, will be carried out by FHP, F2i’s port holding company, controlled by the Third F2i Fund (42%) and the F2i-ANIA Fund (58%).

F2i Sgr announces the Launch of the Fondo per le Infrastrutture Sostenibili

F2i Sgr, the largest Italian investment fund and among the largest European infrastructure funds, announces the launch of its fifth fund, the Fondo per le Infrastrutture Sostenibili (FIS). The objective of resources for FIS is Euro 1.5 billion, of which about 900 million has already been raised at the first closing, completed today. So, with this funding, F2i Sgr exceeds Euro 6 billion of assets under management and sets the target of reaching Euro 7 billion over the coming months, further reinforcing its position among the leading European operators.

F2i strengthens the partnership with Dutch asset manager APG and Ardian on 2i Rete Gas

F2i SGR and Finavias, a vehicle owned by the Dutch asset manager APG and funds managed by Ardian, strengthen their partnership on 2i Rete Gas, Italy’s second largest operator in gas distribution.
2i Rete Gas boasts approximately 4.5 million customers across the country, a turnover of 718 million at the end of 2020, 2 thousand employees and operates in the gas network management, dispatching and marketing. The company became part of F2i SGR’s portfolio in 2009, when the infrastructure fund acquired 64%, currently held by Fund III. An additional 8.1% shares were bought by F2i SGR’s Fund II in 2013. Eight years after the acquisition and following a path of growth that has taken the operator from 3.8 million to approximately 4.5 million customers, the shares will be transferred to APG and Ardian, which will increase their existing 28% stake in the company.